Frequently Asked Questions

Loan extension is a simple feature provided by UrbanMoney that helps users to extend their loan for 30 days by paying a small fee.
There are multiple criterias we go through during KYC, if you do not match any of these factors we do not approve your KYC, although you can apply again after 30 days to check if you match the criteria or not.
In order to maintain the highest quality and ensure that the security of our services is always at par, UrbanMoney has a profile analysis model in place to audit and evaluate all the applications which makes a decision on approving a profile. Our goal is to increase our ability to serve – but to ensure great user experience, we need to approve a limited number of users in a certain amount of time to be efficient. Getting in the Waitlisted queue means that at the time, by the criteria used in our model, we can not offer our services to you – but, only at this moment. So you can probably calm down as that might change soon. We are always testing new criteria, adding new parameters to our databases and calibrating our models. We understand that people are changing – just like our criteria and our ability. Not getting approved does not mean that your profile has issues. It just means that we were not able to meet your profile at that time, or we don’t have enough information to evaluate your request. We look forward to serve you in future!
KYC is usually processed within 24 hours of applying. There is sometimes a delay of some hours when our office staff is on leave like Sunday or Holi, Diwali etc.
After KYC approval is done, we try to disburse the loan instantly. In some cases there might be a delay due to Bank Server issues. In those cases you can reach out to us at
Yes UrbanMoney is partnered up with registered NBFC and does report to all Credit Bureaus regularly including CIBIL.
If you are not able to repay due to a valid reason please reach out to us on and we will try our best to help you out. If you still do not pay back we do report to CIBIL as well as reach out to you. Finally we proceed with a legal case against the user.
UrbanMoney gives a fixed Credit Limit when you onboard with us but your credit limit does increase based on your repayment history with us. If you have a good repayment history with us we assure you that your credit limit will increase with time.
Yes, as long as the name on the Bank Account or UPI ID is your name, you can add as many accounts as you’d like.
The Loan tenure for every loan is 60 Days. The EMI repayment date will be after 30 days for all EMIs. You can repay early if you want.
You can write to us at for any change in number or email.